John's Philosophy

I approach each person as an individual:- Body, Mind and Spirit. 

Many clients are keen to address physical and mental/emotional factors and Osteopathy and Counselling skills work well together, especially where physical symptoms have a psychological component (and very many do).

For example, loss or separation, or bullying in childhood, may be expressed many years later in sleep disturbance, head aches, IBS, chronic muscle tension, anxiety, depression, or relationship difficulties. Gentle release of the body tension patterns associated with life events (or family, generational life events) can be profound and transformative experience.  

A trained Osteopath/Counsellor can use subtle touch, feeling the impact of life experiences and combine this  with dialogue (using counselling techniques), can be very helpful in releasing trauma patterns held in the body

Although in Osteopathy, Nutrition, Counselling and Acupuncture there is an awareness of "dis-ease"patterns in diagnosis, therapy and treatment, our search is primarily for health and healing, solutions and acceptance and not just illness.

I have a strong belief and faith in each "body/mind's" ability to self heal and see our role as co-facilitator with you on your healing path. Each person who comes to us is viewed as unique with their own individual and precious life story.

Together we can explore, learn from, grow through and integrate each story, become whole, "know" ourselves.

We all may ask "existential" questions such as:-

"Who am I ?" "Where do I come from ?" "Who is my family ?"

 "Where do I belong?" "What does it mean/feel like to fit in?

"Where am I going ?" "What is my purpose ?"

Be willing to ask without expecting an answer. We can allow the answers to find us.

Often there is no immediate solution or fix, but in asking with openness, compassion, commitment  and a clear intention to discover, over time the answers tend to come.

Profound stillness of mind and body, expanding awareness, deep relaxation, trust, open-ness, asking for what I need,"landing in my body" and "living in the moment", may be part of the healing  journey both in Counselling and Osteopathy, or Osteopathy with therapeutic or healing dialogue.

I believe in the wisdom of the body as a resource and guide, in Osteopathy, Counselling/Therapy and Healing.

As an Osteopath I continue to learn to "read" a person's story through their body, visually and through touch (physical and mental/emotional events) and as a counsellor through their mind and emotional expression.

Listening skills (Attention/Awareness) and Compassion/Empathy are an important component in Osteopathy and Counselling. 


Ros's Philosophy


The way that I work is holistic which means that I consider the whole of the person and

take into account many factors which impact on well-being, both health and mental/emotional related.  Please click on the following button to take you to my other website which explains in more detail about my Counselling Psychology approach.