.. One hour after leaving you the migraine has gone. Thank you. Paul

.. John, I feel better than I've felt in years - much straighter. Thank you. Gary

…a huge improvement. I cant believe I was so well, so quickly...well, happy, more energetic, I laughed more,.. felt less emotional and depressed. 

My jaw now feels ok and in the right position. The tinnitus is 70% better. Paula

You have helped our baby daughter Amy along her path of recovery; you have helped Amy with her sleeping (colic) ,freeing up her neck muscles so that she can move her head from side to side freely. But most importantly your skills have helped Amy’s vocal chords (which appeared paralyzed, allowing no sound) to free up and we now have a wonderful chattering/screeching baby. Thank you John. God Bless.  Kel

…after several sessions of Acupuncture and Osteopathy along with taking an assortment of antioxidant tablets I was able to venture out in short sleeves without my skin erupting. It really made such a huge difference to me and I can’t thankJohn enough for al his help and kindness.  Judy

..a totally positive effect on my whole system..  Margaret

Absolutely invaluable. have breath in my body for the first time in 28 years. I’m speechless. I’ve suffered with low energy for years. My level of energy has improved by 80% over the last 3 months.  Lucy

I’ve had the most wonderful nights sleep and woke refreshed-a rarity.  Susan


The following comments are from some of my patients who had the food intolerance consultations and Nutritional Medicine advice:-

"My problem was weight! Despite sticking to a slimming diet I could not loose weight and kept gaining a little. I came and had my food intolerance tested and found that wheat, dairy and many other foods were causing my problems. On Ros‘s advice I cut these foods out of my diet and my weight started to come off like magic!! In four months I have lost two stone. My skin has improved and I have much more energy. I consider the test well worth having done. I have to thank Ros as I could not have

done this without her help."Gillian.

"When I came here just over 3 months ago I was in quite a bad shape and very worried about my future. I knew I had problems with my digestive system but my GP was not able to help me. I was developing asthma very fast as well. Ros took her tests and gave me lots of good advice. Within weeks I knew it was working and now with 3 months gone I do not feel asthmatic very much and am not scared to eat food. I feel healthier than ever, and have so much more energy to live a normal life. I feel that I have got my life back after many years. I can live my life the way I want to, not just struggle.

I am so grateful to Ros."Celina.

"The test was brilliant and I would recommend it to anyone who has IBS problems. It has helped me to enjoy every day and to know what foods to eat. Definitely worth

every penny."Michelle.

"When I first came here I was extremely skeptical about using any health food products. Having tried traditional medicines fortwo years this was a last resort. To my amazement the products Ros recommended to me have helped me enormously and I continue to use them."Nick.

"Having endured stomach pains for a very long time I thought I‘d try a different approach as the medicines I had been taking were not helping. I followed Ros‘s advice and she completely believed my problems were food related. After two months her advice worked and now 3 months on I am pain free, and delighted to have lost 1 stone. Excellent results and Ros has been very helpful. I would recommend trying this."Rosalind.

"Since taking Ros‘s advice, I have come off the Dr‘s medicines, no more heartburn or bloating! I wish I had food sensitivity testing years ago."Carole.

"Excellent results – no heartburn, much less diarrhoea, much more energy. I have found cutting out the intolerant items no problem."Sheila.

"I enjoyed and benefited greatly from the combined analysis of mineral and vitamins and foods. I have recommended you to a number of friends, mid –menopause as myself. Thanks."Jenny.

"We came to Ros in Jan with our 8 year old son. He was having a lot of problems with gum boils, anxiety and a facial twitch. Ros found that he had food sensitivities to sugar, corn and dairy. We changed his diet and haven‘t looked back, he has not had any gum boils since, his behaviour and anxiety is so much better and the twitch has completely gone. Thank you Ros."     Mandy.